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Wedding Venue Northern Ireland | The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn
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Wedding Terms

Old Inn Wedding Booking Conditions

1. All prices are correct at the time of going to print and are inclusive of VAT at the current rate. Prices are not valid unless confirmed in writing by us.

2. Final numbers for all weddings must be confirmed eight days before the event, and these will be the minimum numbers charged for. Final payment should be made at this stage of either the full amount, or if your total is not a fixed value, 90% of the remaining balance.   

3. All charges must be cleared on the day of the wedding without exception.

4. All provisional bookings for banqueting will be held for a period of fourteen days after which time such bookings will be automatically released. In order to confirm the wedding, a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of £750 (Verina Suite) or £500 (White Suite) is required.

5. All food and beverage items must be supplied by the hotel. The hotel reserves the right not to accept alcoholic miniatures and tray bakes into the hotel. Should any other food item, such as a chocolate fountain, be brought into the hotel, a handling fee of £125 will apply. This fee may be waived if an evening buffet to the value of at least £350 is provided by the hotel.

6. Any items related to the wedding must be removed on the day of the wedding. The hotel cannot be held responsible for mislaid effects or any items left in accessible or working areas eg: Porters Store, Reception, Kitchen Fridge, etc.

7. Special dietary requirements and food allergies should be made known to the hotel in advance.

8. The hotel accepts major credit and debit cards. Should you choose to pay your deposit or final account by credit card; a levy of 2.0% will apply.

9. Complimentary bridal accommodation will only be provided with 50 or more adults paying full adult meals. Further accommodation can be booked for family and guests once a deposit has been received by the hotel. As hotel policy, we automatically reserve 2 Standard Double Ensuite bedrooms, plus The Bridal Suite for wedding guest purposes. The reservations are placed under both your surnames.  These double rooms are allocated at the lowest selling price of £75B&B per room, based on 2 sharing. This is to allow you to look after your immediate family members as priority. If these rooms are not reserved with names and confirmed with debit/credit card details, they will automatically be released 2 months prior to your wedding date and the rate will revert back to the rate of the day, which could be higher. If you require any additional bedrooms to be held, please contact us directly to arrange this.

Your other wedding guests also take advantage of better rates with a 10% discount off the Best Available Rate. This will allow them to book at a lower price than the advertised or online/pre-paid rate B&B rate. To access the 10% discount, please inform your guests that they must telephone the hotel to make their booking, informing the Reservations Agent that they are attending your wedding. As hotel rates are flexible, depending on occupancy levels, please encourage your guests to book early to access lower rates.

All rates are based as per room rate, with either 1 or 2 persons sharing. Supplements will apply as follows:
- Travel cot @ £15
- Extra child (4-12 years) in the room @ £25B&B
- Extra adult in the room @ £50B&B

Family requirements normally require allocation to Junior or Superior Suites, to allow extra beds/more space in the room. These rooms have limited availability, so please ensure your guests to contact Reservations as soon as possible to ensure a lower rate and room type availability. The direct line of Reservations is: 02891 851300.

10. Should the hotel, for reasons beyond its control, need to make any amendments to your booking, we reserve the right to offer an alternative choice of facilities. The hotel may cancel the booking if; (a) the booking might prejudice the reputation of the hotel including related entertainment or activities; (b) scheduled payments are not received at the agreed dates.

11. In the unfortunate circumstances that a confirmed event has to be cancelled, your deposit will not be refunded. Any cancellation or postponement should be advised to the management of the hotel in the first instance verbally, followed by written confirmation.

12. Should the hotel for reasons BEYOND ITS CONTROL, need to make any amendments to your booking, we reserve the right to offer an alternative choice of facilities. The hotel may cancel the booking if:
(a) The booking might, in the opinion of the hotel, prejudice the reputation of the hotel.
(b) Scheduled payments are not received by the agreed date.

13. Within 6 months the Hotel's Cancellation Policy is 90% on contracted room hire revenues, and 65% on the contracted food and revenue. (Menu prices calculated are based on an average spend of £30.00 per head).  Any cancellation or postponement should be advised to the management of the Hotel in the first instance verbally, followed by written confirmation.

14. The hotel reserves the right to approve any external entertainment or activities, which have been arranged and cannot accept liability for any loss on costs. The hotel will not be liable for any failure or delay in providing facilities, service, food and beverages as a result of events outside its control.

15. The client shall be responsible for any damage caused to the allocated rooms or to furnishings, utensils and equipment there in by an act, default or neglect of the customer; sub-contractor or guest of the client, and shall pay to the hotel on demand, the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage. 

16. The hotel will not be liable for any failure or delays in service, food and beverages as a result of events outside its control.

17. All evening entertainment must conclude by 12.00 Midnight. By request and only upon approval/authorisation, a 1.00am finish can be made available for bar and music at a supplementary fee of £150.   

18. Those parties wishing to give speeches before the meal are advised that a time constraint of 30 minutes will apply. Should you wish speeches to take more than 30 minutes, your arrangements for speeches should be made post-meal.

19. Minimum number of 80 guests and above for any Friday or Saturday booking.

20. A resident's bar will be made available to residents of the hotel only until 2.00am. This facility may be withdrawn at the discretion of the management.

21. No fixings can be made to any wall, ceiling, light or furniture. The use of sticky tape, blu-tack or any adhesive or tied fastenings is not permitted. Candles must be placed at least 6cm from walls and no candle wick within 60cm of the ceiling may be lit.

22. Ceremony room - No naked flames are allowed. Flowers may be placed in stands or on free surfaces. Your supplier may not move any hotel items without express consent and supervision by hotel management. No items or flowers are to be fixed or tied to the furnishings or walls. We reserve the right to move or remove items which we consider a risk to safety or property damage. You are responsible for ensuring your suppliers do not breach these terms and you are held liable for any damages in the event of a dispute.

23. Banqueting chairs and chair covers – are only permitted in The White Suite and The Verina Suite. The hotel chairs may not be moved out of the upper or lower Gallery Lounge to facilitate rented or banqueting chairs being used in their place. Decorative hoods for hotel chairs are available for rental. In some instances this rental charge may be waived or included in your wedding package price if specified in your written details.

24. As The Old Inn is continually in use by the public, many items such as carpets, wall coverings, lights, ornaments and the building itself are subject to replacement or change without prior notice to you and may change after your initial booking. No compensations for any such changes we make will be entered into.

25. No confetti or other decorative accessories are to be thrown in any internal or external area of the hotel grounds.