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Wedding Venue Northern Ireland | The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn
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Video Gallery

  • The Old Inn Crawfordsburn - Promotional Video

    This is a video created in Autumn 2012 for showing internally on our Parlour Bar screen, we have always been known for doing special dining and accommodation deals throughout the year, sign up to our facebook and twitter feeds to be kept up to date with all of our news.

    Shortly after we produced this video the heavy snow came and cut off power to the village of Crawfordsburn and many other places in and out of Belfast, our trusty generator fired into action within ten seconds and The Old Inn was literally like a Moth to a Light! People came from all over for the warmth, light, food and hospitality! we gave beds for the night and kept the bar open (for residents P.S.N.I. !) til the wee hours while snowed in staff insisted on staying all night to bring drinks and food to everyone who had been cut off from utilities. We also went out and picked up some of our 'regulars' who we know live on their own and brought them to the Hotel for comfort and safety. It was such a touching thing for all of the staff to show their true spirit in times of hardship..... Then the lights came on, and everyone scarpered!

  • The Old Inn Crawfordsburn - Renovation Project

    In 2009 while doing some minor repairs to the 1614 Restaurant, we discovered that the soft foundations laid some 120 years previously were no longer structurally sound. Found in the nick of time we hastily made plans to renovate this side of the building and sadly we had to bring down the gorgeous 1614 Restaurant.

    We did quite a bit of research as shown in the video and in November 2010 after 11 months of work we unveiled one of Northern Irelands best restaurants, simply called Lewis. Incorporating our existing dining area and adding one of the UK's best appointed open pass kitchens we opened to receive immediate awards from several food guides, including retention of our 2 AA Rosettes. The video clip was used at our launch party and gives a 'warts and all' insight into a project of this scale. We worked closely with the planning office, the DRD and the residents to try and minimize disruption while still hosting more than 200 weddings during the project which we had committed to before the foundation work was discovered. We always keep our promises! We hope you enjoy the video.