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Social Media Terms

Old Inn Social Media Competition Terms, Conditions and Guidance

We love running competitions on our social media for our loyal followers. We have a few terms and conditions listed as follows:

1. Entry is free by completing the instructions in each individual competition. Entry to the competition is accepting the conditions listed and accepting to take part in all promotion by The Old Inn.


4. Prizes are not transferable, they are only for the named individual on the Social Media profile used to make the competition entry.

5. We will endeavor to help you pick your most suitable date but we cannot guarantee that our availability of bedrooms/tables or other service that we allocate to the competitions will be available at a time that suits you.

6. There is no cash or voucher alternative. 

7. We can alter or withdraw the competition at any time.

Old Inn Social Media Terms, Conditions and Guidance

We love social media, and our interactions with you have been a lot of fun in the past. However, as social media is largely unregulated, want to make it clear about how we use our social media channel in a way that's best for everyone. We hope it doesn't come down to terms and conditions when we speak with you or if there is an issue, however we're being clear about it now so you can hopefully see where we're coming from....

Social Media Terms, Conditions and Policy;

1. We have set up a series of social media communication channels for the benefit of our guests, patrons and general public, they are designed to give guests information on offers, insights, competitions and information while keeping their privacy, confidentiality and interests safe and secure. Social media is exactly that - social, so anti social comments will be removed whether they are based on truth or opinion. Social media is not the correct forum for complaints and we have a dedicated email address that is monitored by the duty manager at all times for this purpose - managers do not monitor social media so your issue will be delayed if you choose this method, although we route complaints via social media to this email address at a later time.

2. We have a code of ethics surrounding removal of inflammatory, discriminatory or derrogatary behaviour or comments. We will also seek to reduce malicious or unfounded claims made by the public in the interest of the viewing community and reserve the right to remove from this community persons blatantly marketing their goods or bring the reputation of the hotel or it's staff into disrepute. We will not tolerate cyber-bullying of any member of the public or our own staff. Please remember that human beings are administrating the social networks and do not have 24 hour a day access to your posts, although we do try to respond as soon as possible.

3. Our intention is always to preserve a channel of communication with all members of public that is informative, polite and is a pleasing alternative method of access into our hotel services and products.

4. Due to the rapid viral nature of social media, we reserve the right to amend or update offers, competitions and content at source which will supercede the previous communications. Twitter for example; a tweet quoting an incorrect price which is later corrected, or clearly a typing error, will render the price or offer invalid. Facebook posts may be edited after the original post has been made.

5. Although the employees of The Old Inn will be posting materials on behalf of the hotel - all comments, views, suggestions, political opinions and materials distributed are their own and do not constitute approval by The Old Inn, it's Directors, or Associates. Any inappropriate comments, pictures, links or viewpoints submitted, circulated, or posted knowingly by our staff will lead to internal disciplinary proceedings. We will investigate all instances of this nature to verify if it is caused by hoax, spam, virus, phishing or trojan and take the appropriate action. The Old Inn Cannot be held liable for anything you receive electronically from us that you have not taken every precaution to prevent such as, but not limited to; virus checkers, malware checkers, spam filters etc. and that you keep them up to date. We do not accept responsiblity for consequential loss however caused.

6. Our social media sites are for comments, chat and interaction with the community and do not replace our primary communcation channels. Our primary communications channels remain, and should be used when possible for enquiries, bookings and amendments, and matters which require a response.

The primary communication channels for general enquiries, bookings, events and complaints are; Telephone: 02891 853255 or email us by using our web contact tab on

7. You should not use the social media channels for cancelling or altering bookings of any kind or making a complaint. Requests of this nature may not be actioned, responded to or acknowledged. Complaints can be registered in our 'contact us' page or pop out tab on the homepage. Selecting the option - 'I'm not happy and I want to tell you' this will enter your complaint into our Complaint Management Tool (CMT) We will not publicly engage with complaints via and social media, we will contact you via direct message requesting your contact details in order to deal with your complaint via our Complaints Management Tool (CMT).

8. Requests for work placements or speculative job requests should be sent to, these must contain a full CV and cover letter for retention on file, however all applicants for any role at The Old Inn requires a Job Application Form to be completed before being considered.

9. Requests for Lost Property should be directed to our hotel reception on 02891 853255.

10. Unfortunately due to the large volume of charity requests, all requests must be made by letter. Requests made via social media cannot be considered. If you do wish to be considered, please send a letter to; Charity Requests, Accounts Dept, The Old Inn 15-25 Main Street, Crawfordsburn. Co Down BT19 1JH. We cannot reply to every request, and we often get multiple requests for the same charity from various organisers. So we may opt not to contribute to your individual event while at the same time supporting your cause. We proudly support the Rotary Club of North Down and host their members each month at the hotel. We also contribute both directly and indirectly to Cancer Research (including Breast Cancer), BBC Children in Need, Northern Ireland Altzheimers Society and some local charities associated with housing, care for the elderly and youth support at our discretion.

11. Your confidentialty and privacy is our ultimate concern. Please do not post any personal material such as your phone number, date of birth, or any information which might identify you or your posessions in a way which you do not wish to disclose to the public. We will try to help you remove this should it happen in error, however we cannot accept responsibility for any disclosures on our forums which we did not publish which may be beyond our control.